The Fountain of Good Health

Stabilized Alkaline ENergized with bio-available Oxygen in bottled water is a breakthrough in drinking water enhancement that will set a new standard in the bottle water industry. aenO Fresh water is the product of a revolutionary new 15 STAGE PROCESS that creates stabilized, Alkaline ENergized Oxygenated water.
At aenO Fresh, we transformed the H2O water to energy water by (FIR) Far Infrared energy emission media and further ionize the water by a state of the art Platinum-Titanium electrolytic cell. This water is finally enhanced with oxygen content by creating molecular bonds between added oxygen and structured water which can be absorbed through the digestive system and to the blood stream, (US Patent: 6,530,895.B1). This is why we call it “Stabilized Alkaline ENergized Bio-Available Oxygen” drinking water.

Energy Water Crystals change water (H2O) to structured water in the dimension of “Nanometer” which is the same as the structured water in our cells. Since it is the same structure as our body, it readily carries nutrients into our cells and toxins out. This enhances the transport of nutrients, improves waste removal, and maintains proper communication between cells.
At the second stage Alkaline Antioxidant Ionized Water is obtained through the separation of hydrogen H+ and hydroxyl ion OH- through Platinum –Titanium Electrolytic Cell. The OH- hydroxyl ion has an extra electron with a negative charge which turns the water into a strong anti oxidant liquid.

lkalined Process:

Ionised water at the ph of 8 - 8.5 (complies with who standard) with no Chemicals added.

ENergised Process:
The water clusters are broken into smaller clusters using far infrared media. This helps the body to absorb water faster.

Oxygenation Process:
The water contains high concentration of Dissolve Oxygen. This Oxygen will not escape to atmosphere on opening the bottle. The Oxygen content is 400% more than normal drinking water.

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